While there are similar programs available, these programs choose the dog to be paired up with the Veteran they are going to help. Our program encourages the Veteran to decide which animal he/she would like to take home to become their own personal Animal Assisted Therapist or Service Dog.

It’s their choice, not ours. The few tasks that are required of them is the willingness to aid, assist and train the animal. This program shows them how to do it. To help their animal will begin to help and heal themselves. It’s just that simple.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, 11% to 30% of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are suffering from PTSD. 15.2 percent of all male veterans (479,000 out of 3,140,000 who served in Vietnam) and 8.1 percent of women (610 out of 7,200) were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in a 1986-1988 study by the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Survey (NVVRS). PTSD is one of the main conditions treated by the VA.

Veterans and discarded animals have scars on the inside as well as the outside. What better way to bring change into a dog’s desperate existence then to be rescued by a Veteran who suffers from “the war” in their own lives.